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Hubei Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Wuhan,which is the thoroughfare to nine provinces in China . Hubei Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise of producing plastic extrusion blown film production line .Our company collects technology importation ,technology development ,and manufacturing in one.We have strong technical force ,advanced technology ,perfect detection means .
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CHINAPLAS 2011, We Are Moving on


CHINAPLAS 2011 in Guangzhou, we displayed one set of 3 layer machine with 3 sets of Baumueller high-power high-torque motor (DST water cooling), Germany PLAST-CONTROL on-line thickness measurement device and Auto air ring; Germany PLAST-CONTROL Auto weighting & dosing system; three-in-one winding system (active winding, passive friction winding and gap winding which can be switched); Mitsubishi PLC control system programmed by our engineers. This machine was exported to Malaysia.
1.1 Overview
1.1.2 International advanced new-type runner technology spiral die head.
1.1.3 Both extruder and die head heating adopt ceramic heating method.
1.1.4 Haul off rotation device adopts straight even transmission type horizontal ±360° reciprocating rotary.
1.1.5 IBC adopts three-point ultrasonic probe automatically detecting and controlling the size of bubble.
1.1.6 Equipped with aluminium alloy electric squirrel-cage bubble stable frame.
1.1.7 Equipped with new-type carbon fiber guiding roller electric V-shaped plate.
1.1.8 Equipped with ultrasonic automatic deviation-correcting device.
1.1.9 Equipped with new-type; surface centre, passive friction and active gap three-in-one winding system.
1.1.10 Equipped with Germany PC automatic thickness measurement system; automatic air ring adjustment system( controlling system on one’s own)
1.1.11 Equipped with automatic weighting & dosing system (controlling system on one’s own)
1.1.12 Controlling system adopts Japan Mitsubishi PLC centralized control technology.
1.2 Basis Specifications
1.2.1 Product specification: Width:1450mm; Thickness:0.025~0.12mm
1.2.2 Raw material: LDPE,LLDPE,HDPE,EVA,mPE and mixtures.
1.2.3 Product quality: film thickness limit deviation: 0.025-0.040mm±4%
1.2.4 Total installed power: about 170KW
1.2.5Max output: about 250kg/h


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