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Hubei Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Wuhan,which is the thoroughfare to nine provinces in China . Hubei Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise of producing plastic extrusion blown film production line .Our company collects technology importation ,technology development ,and manufacturing in one.We have strong technical force ,advanced technology ,perfect detection means .
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5layer coextrusion with thickness controller


For further strengthen the contact and communications between you and our company, we will attend the 27th International Exhibition on Plastic & Rubber Industries with our equipment from May 20, 2013 to May 23, 2013 inChina Import and Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China. Our exhibition Hall No is 6.1 and Booth No. is M 21.
In this great opportunity, we are going to exhibit our new SGXM-1800*5 five layer Co-extrusion Energy-saving Film Blowing Machine, which is composed of 5 sets of single screw extruder and SGXM-1800 auxiliary device .
1. Extruders are equipped with low speed high torque servo motor (water cooling type) matched up with synchronous frequency servo driver for stepless speed control.
2. Five layer co-extrusion cone superposition spiral die head used international advanced flow passage technology.
3. The heating method of extruders and die head is particularly emphasized on high efficiency and energy saving part
4. Upper traction rotary device: direct-connect transmission horizontal ±360° reciprocating rotary.
5. IBC system is used 3-point ultrasonic probe for automatic measurement and bubble size control.
6. Equipped with new type of aluminium alloy electric squirrel cage bubble stable device.
7. Equipped with electric v-shaped plate (aluminium guide roller isФ50 with strengthening rib).
8. Ultrasonic automatic correction device.
9. Central winding device (combined active, passive and gap winding together)
10. Equipped with automatic thickness measuring system and automatic air ring adjusting system of which from German PC Company.
11. Control system adopts Japan Mitsubishi PLC centralized control technology.
Basic specification
1.Film specification: width 1400mm   thickness: 0.025-0.15mm
2. Raw material: PA, EVOH, Tie, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA, mPE and PE mixture.
3. Product: Food packaging film
4. Film quality: film thickness limit tolerance: ±3%0.025-0.15mm±5%
5. Installation power: about 340KW
6. Max. Output: about 180kg/h
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