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Hubei Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Wuhan,which is the thoroughfare to nine provinces in China . Hubei Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise of producing plastic extrusion blown film production line .Our company collects technology importation ,technology development ,and manufacturing in one.We have strong technical force ,advanced technology ,perfect detection means .
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Energy Saving Year for CHINAPLAS 2010



CHINAPLAS 2010 in Shanghai, we displayed one set of 3 layer machine with 3 sets of Baumueller motor; Auto winding system(Auto winding and discharging systemPassive friction); Mitsubishi PLC control system programmed by our engineers. This machine was exported to Malaysia
1.1 Overview:
The SGXM-1600×3 three layer co-extrusion energy-saving film blowing machine is composed of 3 sets of single screw extruder and SGXM-1600 auxiliary.
1.1.1 Main machine are all adopts 25KW Baumueller high torque direct drive (DST water cooling type),and the drive is controlled by stepless frequency conversion.
1.1.2 The die is adopts international advanced new mold runner technology.
1.1.3 Extruder and die heating are all adopts high efficiency energy saving electromagnetic heating technology.
1.1.4 Haul off rotary device are adopts horizontal±360°reciprocating rotary.
1.1.5 IBC system is adopts ultrasonic probe, automatically to measure and control the size of bubble.
1.1.6 Configured with new type electric squirrel-cage bubble stable frame.
1.1.7 Configured with new type electric V-shaped plate.
1.1.8 Configured with ultrasonic automatic deviation-rectifying device 
1.1.9 Automatic friction full tension control sensor, realized the traction tracking and the control of winding/unloading system.
1.1.10 The control system are adopts Japan Mitsubishi PLC centralized control technology
1.2 Basic Specifications
1.2.1        Product configuration: width 1450mm   thickness 0.025~0.12mm
1.2.2        Product materials: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, EVA, mPE and mixtures
1.2.3        Product quality: limit deviation of film thickness:0.025-0.040mm±8%
                                      (HDPE: 0.025-0.040mm±10%)
1.2.4        Total installed power: about 140KW
1.2.5        Max.output: about 180kg/h
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